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Trusting your partner after an affair

Talk with your partner about the infidelity. Talk openly and honestly. Try to listen carefully and talk in a calm manner. Make sure that you both say everything that you need to and that all questions are answered. It will be extremely difficult to talk about it, but the more you talk about the incident and find out what your spouse is/was feeling, the easier it will be to reestablish trust. Communication is something that needs to be worked into all aspects of your life together. Open communication will create an environment where it will be easier to work your problems out and talk about the feelings that both of you have.. A problem that is silenced can lead to the breakdown of a relationship and encourage a spouse to seek comfort elsewhere.

Talk with a marriage counselor. A counselor will help you reestablish trust within the relationship.

Do things together to reaffirm your dedication to the relationship. Spending time together can help rekindle and strengthen the bond between you. When your relationship is strong, it is easier to trust your spouse and your your spouse is unlikely to stray.

Seek support from trustworthy family members and friends. Be careful not to let their opinons influence your actions. Let you family and freinds know that you need their support but not necessarily their advice.

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