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Yard sales: Hidden money in your home

Tips for Having a Successful Yard Sale

  • Get the word out. Tell everyone you know. Send emails to your friends, family and co-workers. Ask them to spread the word or better yet, ask them if they want to sell some of their stuff too.
  • Advertise your sale. Internet sites are great for garage sales. List your sale on free or inexpensive websites like, PennySaverUSA.coom and Put up advertisements on bulletin boards in your community (coffee shops, grocery stores, community center)
  • Make colorful signs that can't be missed. Use bright colors such as pink, orange, red or green. Make your signs simple and easy to read. Don't put too many details on the address on your sign. Just make large signs that say "SALE" with an arrow pointing in the right direction.
  • Make your sale eye catching. Let your inner creativity come out. Display your treasures on tables at least waist high. Your items will be easier to see. Group like things together: Make an area for kitchen items. Make a separate area for toys. Make a separate area for furniture. Grouping like items together will make it easy for people to find exactly what they need.
  • Make your sale colorful. The human eye is drawn to color. highlight items with right colors. Colorful items will convince people to get out of their cars and spend their money.
  • Have plenty of 5 and 1 dollar bills. Most people carry $20 dollar bills in their wallet.
  • Know the pay day schedule of major employers in your area. Have your yard sale on a day when a lot of people have money in their purses and wallets.
  • Try to sale everything you don't want. Your trash is another person's treasure At the end of the day, save the leftovers for another yard sale or donate it to charity.

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