A wheelchair is a chair mounted on large wheels. It is designed to make mobility easier for a sick or disabled person.

When using a wheelchair it is important to not stretch the boundaries of the wheelchair’s capabilities. If the boundaries of the wheelchair’s capabilities are stretched, the safety of the person using the wheelchair is in jeopardy.


There are many different types of wheelchairs. The most common types are:

  • Manual
    • Manual wheelchairs are wheelchairs that are ‘powered’ either by the wheelchair user or by somebody pushing the wheelchair.
    • Manual wheelchairs that are lightweight are easier to manage.
    • If you are thinking about buying a lightweight wheelchair, be sure to ask if it is designed for everyday use.
  • Electric
    • Electric wheelchairs are powered by motors.
    • Electric wheelchairs are ideal for someone who needs to use a wheelchair continuously.
    • The standard price of an electric wheelchair is around $3000.
    • Some electric wheelchairs are designed mainly for indoor use, and frequent outdoor use can result in cracks, structural damage and injury to the user.
    • Electric wheelchairs are also called power wheelchairs.
  • Sports
    • Sports wheelchairs are available for a wide variety of sports
    • It is best to use a wheelchair that is designed for use with your chosen sport.
  • Dog
    • Dog wheelchairs are designed to help dogs that have problems with mobility.
    • Most mobility problems are due to hip or spinal problems, or bone disorders.

What to look for when buying a Wheelchair

There are many types and styles of wheelchairs. For optimal mobility, it is very important to find a wheelchair that best suits you. For instance, if you plan to use a wheelchair outdoors, buy a wheelchair that is designed for outdoor use. If a wheelchair that is designed for indoor use is used outside, serious injury can occur to the user.

Some features to consider:

  • weight
  • designed for outdoors/indoors
  • size
  • weight capacity
  • ability to fold into a standard trunk
  • power source of electric wheelchairs
    • Wheelchairs with a rear wheel power source usually move faster than wheelchairs with a front wheel power source.
  • reclining back
  • removable armrests
  • adjustable footrests
  • swing-a-way footrests
  • seat widths
  • warranty
  • cost