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What is Chilblains?

Chilblains is an inflammation of the skin, accompanied by burning and itching. Chilblains usually occur on the smaller toes. However, it can occur on the fingers, face and the nose. A chilblain may also occur on a pressure bearing area such as a bunion.

Chilblains are painful but they cause little or no permanent impairment.

What causes Chilblains?

Chilblains are usually caused by an abnormal reaction of the body to the cold. People who have poor circulation, an inadequate diet, or an allergic response to low temperatures are vulnerable to chilblains.

Symptoms of Chilblains

Some of the most common symptoms of chilblains are are:

  • Itchy, Painful lesion
  • Burning sensations at location of the chilblain.

What does Chilblain look like?

A chilblain usually looks like a red, swollen lesion. If it dries out, it will leave cracks in the skin. If skin has cracks in it, it is more vulnerable to infection.

What to do if Chilblains occurs

If you think chilblains have occurred, do not apply extreme heat or cold to the affected area. Contact your doctor immediately.

How to prevent Chilblain

Some methods of preventing chilblains are:

  • Keep legs and body warm, especially if you have poor circulation.
  • Leg warmers and thick woolen socks may be of benefit.
  • Wear warm clothes

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