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Two Skin Care Items You Should Never Buy

When it comes to cosmetic products for taking the best care of your skin, the whole business of taking care of your skin’s conditioning can turn into an incredibly expensive endeavor. With cleansers that can cost $40 or more, and high end moisturizers that can cost hundreds of dollars, it is important to know what’s worth spending large amounts of money on, and what items you can really save money on.

Dedicated Exfoliants

There’s nothing magical about exfoliation. Like scraping the frost off of your car windshield on a chilly morning before work, all exfoliation does is scrape away the dead skin cells on your face and stimulate circulation to rejuvenate tone and jump start the production of new cells. There’s no reason to spend $10 on a special exfoliate when a rough washcloth can work just as well.

In many cases homemade remedies work better than store bought exfoliants. Some exfoliants have “beads” that are nothing more than small, jagged pieces of plastic— which can be way too harsh for your skin. If you want an exfoliating scrub, mix together some brown sugar with enough water to make a slush— add lemon or lime juice if you want scent and astringency. You can create an expensive scrub by pouring a little salt in your hand and a dab of olive oil. Rub the olive oil mixture into your hands for 30 seconds, and then rince. This is a gentle, natural, and way to soften your hands.

Skin Masks

Fancy skin masks can cost in the triple digit price range, and as of this article there is nothing in this world that has been discovered which is magical and able to immediately give you the flawless skin of a twenty year old girl. So while many skin masks are full of natural ingredients that are wonderful for your skin, they just aren’t worth the price when it comes to the actual benefits that you get.

If your skin is dry, you can make your own mask cheaply: an avocado is only $1.50. Look at the named ingredients on your favorite masks and mix the ingredients together yourself!

If you want firmer, tighter skin, whip some egg whites and spread them on your face, then let them dry. The egg whites should peel off almost as perfectly as a store-bought mask. If you’re looking for special scents and the spa treatment, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to the masks. Mint is rejuvenating, lavender, chamomile and rosemary are soothing, and lemon and orange cut through oil.

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