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SleepAid Memory Foam Mattresses Review

SleepAid features memory foam mattress toppers and three memory foam mattress models in a range of sizes:

  1. The Featherpedic has a four-pound density and Heat Reduction Channels.
  2. The Body Soft features 4-pound density, Quiltflex to prevent the mattress from sagging, a cashmere cover, Heat Reduction Channels, edge support, and interchangeable layers.
  3. The Indulgence features a 5-pound density, a natural bamboo and aloe cover, age-resistant Quiltflex, Heat Reduction Channels, and adjustable layers for customizable softness.

SleepAid memory foam mattresses and memory foam toppers use NASA-developed technology to create a soothing product that conforms to your body’s natural shape, for a sleep that’s customized to your figure. Used in many hospitals and great for the elderly, pregnant women, and anyone with back problems, these beds alleviate pressure points so you toss and turn less. The mattress is heat and pressure-sensitive, allowing it to change shape and keep your spine in healthy alignment.

SleepAid’s mattress models come in 4-5 pound densities, depending on the mattress, which provides ample comfort. Two of the mattress models come with removable, reconfigurable layers for adjustable firmness. The Sleep Aid Indulgence model features a king with layers split down the middle for his-and-hers comfort.

Each mattress comes with Heat Reduction Channels, which provide air circulation. This adds cool breathability and solves the common problem of heat capture in memory foam mattresses.

Available from twin to king sizes, these mattresses are shipped vacuum packed, which does not harm the mattresses. They expand to their normal size within 1-2 hours. Features easy-assembly with instructions included, and a 20 year warranty and a money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Hypoallergenic and exceptionally hygienic, these mattresses are resistant to dust mites and other allergens that aggravate asthma, hay fever, and sinus troubles.

All SleepAid products are manufactured in the US without dangerous chemicals and under fair working conditions.

Spot clean with a cloth, soap, and warm water.

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