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What is Sleep Walking?

Sleepwalking is a common arousal disorder that is especially prevalent among children. Sleepwalkers are aroused out of their deep sleep during motor activity, which usually includes, but is not limited to, walking.

A sleepwalker can go back to sleep some place other than bed, depending on how far he or she has walked. Sleepwalkers are usually unaware of their activity.

Sometimes the sleepwalker may engage in activities such as dressing themselves, walking down stairs, and eating. Sleepwalking poses no serious health threat to those who experience it. However, they can injure themselves while sleepwalking.

What Causes Sleepwalking?

The exact cause of sleepwalking is unknown, though most people have sleepwalked on at least one occasion. Sleepwalking poses no serious health threat to those who experience it, although the risk of injury, however minor, is a matter of concern. Injury prevention is the primary objective of sleepwalking management.

Sleepwalking is currently being reevaluated in a social and legal context, where the

Sleepwalking is also called somnambulism. People who walk in their sleep are called somnambulists.

Is Sleep Walking Normal?

Sleepwalking is common in children and is often triggered by a disruption in the child's regular sleep pattern or by a fever. Sleepwalking is usually harmless and is outgrown by early adolescence.

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