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Tips for Stay at Home Dads Who Wish to Prevent Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever

Cabin fever occurs when individuals do not get out of the house as often as they should. Those who experience cabin fever feel isolated and shut off from the outside world in some way. This happens quite a bit to stay at home moms and dads. The best way to prevent cabin fever is to get oneself and the kids out of the house as much as is humanly possible.

Sign Up For Activities

One way to prevent the occurrence of cabin fever is to sign up for as many activities as you can. This works for both stay at home dads whose children are in school and those who care for preschool children during the day. For the stay at home dads who have kids in school, activities such as sport intramurals, college classes and various organized activities will bide a stay at home dads time and prevent cabin fever. If one is caring for their preschool children during the day, joining parent-child activities will get the adult and child out of the house as well. Signing up for various activities will allow the stay at home dad the chance to venture out of the home and spend time with others.

Embrace the Outdoors

Another way to prevent cabin fever from creeping in is to get outside as much as possible. There is something about being in the great outdoors which makes a stay at home dad’s day go much faster and more smoothly. The main thing about cabin fever is that the individual who experiences such is overwhelmed by the four walls of the home. By spending time outside, the stay at home dad is not only rescuing himself from the clutches of cabin fever but he is allowing the children to get some much needed fresh air which will do them good as well. Some outdoor activities which may be fun are hiking, running, skiing, going to the park or simply strolling around the block. No matter what a stay at home dad chooses to do, as long as they are outside they will make it less likely that they experience cabin fever.

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