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How the body reacts to stress

Almost everyone will experience stress. Depending on the situation, stress can be moderate or severe. Stress is often caused by factors a person experiences daily. Sometimes stress has an identifiable cause whereas other times the cause may not be apparent.

The Physical Reactions to Stress

Stress can affect the body physically. Stress can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. Headaches, stomach pain, and chest pain can also be caused by stress. In some cases, the body will produce extra hormones such as adrenaline in response to the stress.

The Mental Reactions to Stress

Stress can affect the body mentally. Certain mental conditions that result from stress may include depression, anxiety and irritability. The severity of these conditions will vary from individual to individual and will most often depend on the type and length of the stressful condition.

Are These Reactions to Stress Normal?

Some individuals may wonder whether their physical and mental reactions to stress are normal. That all depends on the frequency and intensity of such reactions. For those who experience stress on an occasional basis and will sometimes have mild headaches or sleeplessness accompanying the stressful incidents. Headaches and sleeplessness quite normal and should go away on its own.

Reactions to stress becomes abnormal when the intensity and frequency of the reactions causes the person to have a hard time functioning as a result of the stress. This is where intervention from a medical health professional may be needed in order to rid oneself of the stress or learn how to deal with stressful situations better.

Non medicinal ways to help relieve stress:

It is important to view stress for what it is which is a normal occasional occurrence which happens to many individuals. It is really when the stressful situations become frequent and intense that an individual should be concerned about how the stress is affecting them in the long term scheme of things and do what they can to resolve the stress in their life.

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