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Complications of Stress  

For many individuals, stress is a term with which they may be all too familiar. Some people experience stress on an occasional basis whereas others may find that their stress is a chronic problem. Too often individuals dismiss stress as being something which will come and go. Unfortunately, there are various complications of stress which can become serious problems if they are not taken care of.

High Blood Pressure

A common complication of stress is high blood pressure. High blood pressure can be serious for some and may future heart problems.

Sleep Disorders

Another type of complication which may result from stress is sleep disorders. When individuals are dealing with stressful situations they may find that their sleep habits are disturbed. Some individuals may find that they are unable to sleep (insomnia) due to the stressful situation while others may find that they sleep large amounts of hours (hypersomnia) in order to avoid the stressful situation.

For those who do not get enough sleep they may find that they are more accident prone and less productive during the day. As for the individual who sleeps many hours throughout the day, they may find that depression is an issue because in some cases oversleeping and depression may be related. The best way to help rid oneself of these sleep disorders is by eliminating or alleviating the stress through either natural or medical remedies.

Eating Disorders

Individuals who experience stress may also find themselves turning to food or away from food as a coping mechanism. Some people who are stressed out try to reduce their stress by eating whereas others feel that they are so stressed out they couldn’t possibly eat a thing. Both of these situations can be detrimental if taken to the extreme. Individuals should be sure to eat healthy meals each and every day regardless of the stress. Eating healthy meals may help to alleviate the stress.

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