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Determine Your Stress Type  

Stress is a term which is tossed around quite often in daily life. When something goes wrong during an individual’s day, they may state that they are stressed out. This is the common form of stress which many individuals experience. A less common yet more serious form of stress occurs when individuals experience stress on a more frequent basis. There are two main types of stress and these will be discussed to provide more information to those hoping to learn about the condition known as stress as well as how to resolve such a condition.

Type I Stress

Type I stress can be defined as stress which relates to a certain occurrence or event in one’s life. For example, an individual who is trying to make a deadline at work and feels that their back is against the wall may experience stress. This would be Type I stress due to the fact that there is an identifiable event related to the stress which is being experienced. Type I stress is a less serious form of stress for many individuals as it usually resolves itself once the event has passed. Although this type of stress can be severe for some, it usually only lasts a short while.

Type II Stress

The other type of stress is known as Type II stress. Type II stress differs from Type I stress in that the cause of stress is not readily known and the stress is such that it lingers while progressing over time. This type of stress is particularly troublesome for many individuals who experience it as there seems to be less chance of solving the problem since the cause is not usually known. Type II stress is the more serious kind which can cause further problems such as physical and mental conditions to take place.

Tips on Reducing or Eliminating Stress

For either type of stress which one may be experiencing in their life, there are a few ways to combat the stress and make it easier to live with or eliminate altogether. For Type I stress, where the cause may be known, the best way to eliminate the stress is to eliminate the stress producer. With regard to Type II stress, since the cause of the stress may not be known, those who experience this type of stress may try alleviation techniques such as meditation, aromatherapy and exercise.

Stress is something which can alter an individual’s life drastically, especially with regard to Type II stress. If one experiences stress, it may help to try some of the aforementioned techniques so that the individual can deal with the stress head on.

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