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Is Surrogacy for You?  

When most people think of having children they think about doing so the “old fashioned way”. Unfortunately, this is not an option for some people. Some individuals consider adoption whereas surrogacy is what appeals to others.

Talk It Over With Your Significant Other

Prior to obtaining information on surrogacy matters, discuss the issue with your partner (if you have one). Since this is often a two-party decision, make sure that both you and your partner agree. It is important to discuss options openly and honestly to ensure that the surrogacy path is the correct way to proceed. It is a personal decision that only the couple can make.

Gather Information on the Subject

The next step to determining whether surrogacy is right for you is to gather as much information on the subject as possible.

Seriously Consider the Concept of Surrogacy

One must come to terms with the fact that if they go ahead with surrogacy in order to obtain a child, they will be allowing another party to carry the child for them. This is fine with some individuals whereas others may have a hard time knowing that their creation is being carried by someone else. It is important for the individuals thinking about pursuing surrogacy to accept this realization and appreciate the fact that in the end they will be getting a like version of themselves, even if the baby is being carried by someone else.

Consider Financial Issues

Also involved in the decision as to whether surrogacy is right for you is the financial issues which go along with surrogacy. Surrogacy can be a costly procedure. You may have to use credit cards, and/or loans to pay for the surrogacy process.

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