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Top 11 Ways to Save on Medical Expenses

  1. Take advantage of flexible spending plans. Flexible spending plans through an employer makes the funds you spend on medical expenses tax free.
  2. Know what you can be reimbursed for through your insurance company and learn how to fill out their forms.
  3. Get a copy of your newest medical records annually. This will keep you from spending money in the future on copying hundreds of pages.
  4. Find out what alternative treatments your insurance may cover. Some insurance plans will reimburse you for acupuncture and massage treatments if you have a doctor's approval.
  5. Ask your doctor for any free samples of prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  6. Ask your dentist for free samples of toothpaste, toothbrushes, and mouth rinses.
  7. Question your statements. Nine out of 10 medical bills contain errors, according to the Medical Billing Advocates of America, a consumer-advocacy group based in Salem, Va., and one study found that more than 75 percent of post-service health insurance coverage appeals are won. Always ask for an itemized bill so you can be on the lookout for overcharges, duplicate bills for the same service
  8. Take advantage of free health screenings. Most cities offer free health screenings at least once a year. They are often listed in the Health section of your local newspaper.
  9. Practice prevention. One of the most effective ways to lower your medical expenses over time is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  10. Have regular checkups. Regular checkups is a crucial tool to early diagnosis. The earlier a condition is diagnosed, the less treatment you will need and the better your odds for recovery.
  11. Medicare D prescription plan. If you qualify for medicare, consider enrolling in the Medicare D prescription plan to reduce your monthly cost of prescriptions

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