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Securing Your Home Before You Leave on Vacation  

No matter whether you may be going away on a weekend trip or for a two week vacation, it is important that you leave your home in a safe and secure condition while you are away. There are various tips which one can take in order to help assure that their home and belongings within are safe while on vacation.

Consider Timer Lights

One way to help protect your home while away on vacation is to make it seem like the homeowners are currently there. This can be done by setting up timer lights throughout the house. Lights can be placed on timers both indoors and out which will present an at home atmosphere. Those who perpetrate breaking and entering crimes will be less likely to target a home which has lights on and may opt for houses which are dark and obviously no one is home.

Check Locks on Doors and Windows to Make Sure they are Secure

It is also extremely important to not only check but double check the locks on the doors and the windows of the home to make sure that they are locked upon departure for vacation. With all of the rushing around that often takes place the day of leaving on vacation, it is always a possibility that one will overlook locking doors and windows. This goes for both the upstairs and downstairs locks on all doors and windows as nothing is really inaccessible to a burglar.

Ask a Reliable and Known Person to Keep an Eye on the Place

Another tip for securing your home in a proper manner when leaving on vacation is to have someone keep an eye out for any suspicious activity which may take place on your property. Asking a known and reliable friend, neighbor or relative to check on the house from time to time is important. Never ask a casual acquaintance to check on their home as it makes other less known individuals aware that the home will be vacant for a period of time.

Don’t Leave Valuable Items Visible

It may also be a good idea to take a walk around your house in the days prior to leaving on vacation. Look in the windows and see if any valuable items are blatantly visible from the yard and/or street. If so, either move the objects or set up the timer lights in such a manner so that the valuables are not put on display for all to see. Leaving tempting items in plain sight might just be too much for a prospective criminal perpetrating property crimes to pass up.

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