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How to Get More Time Off From Work  

If you are currently employed and hoping to travel during the workweek, you may wonder how they can get a few more days off from work in order to truly take advantage of their vacation time.

Establish a Hardworking Attitude

Individuals who are naturally hard workers and give it their all when on the job will be much more likely to obtain more time off from work for vacation. A supervisor is usually more inclined to be gracious with vacation time for hard working employees. If an employee is on time every day, goes above and beyond their work duties and truly exerts oneself in the workplace, they will be more likely to get extended vacation time if they ask for it.

Work Overtime Prior to Leaving for Vacation

Another way to increase your chances of getting more vacation time is to work overtime in the weeks prior to leaving. If you take care of all of your work and leave the business dealings in an organized manner, the employer may be more willing to give you a few more days of vacation time.

Make It a Partial Working Vacation

If you don’t mind working a little during their vacation, offering the option of working during certain periods of the vacation may entice the employer to give you a few more days off. If the business is of such a nature where the you can keep in contact with the office and clients from a far away destination, then working for an hour or two per day while on vacation may be worthwhile if it yields results such as more days off.

Conserve Sick/Personal Days

Some employers may also allow their employees to convert paid sick/personal days to vacation days. If you do not use your sick/personal days on a frequent basis, you may be able to switch convert them to vacation time.

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