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Tips to Enjoy your Vacation

  1. Look in the Travel Guide
    • Buy a travel guide and look for recommendations of popular local stores and restaurants for vegetarians.
  2. Call the chamber of commerce
  3. Purchase a copy of Vegetarian Journal’s Guide to Natural Food Restaurants in the U.S. and Canada.
    • The guide contains listings of natural food restaurants, Inns, Spas, Camps and Vacation Spots the cater to vegetarians.
  4. Oversees Travel
    • If you are traveling oversees, visit for Britain, Europe, France and London vegetarian guides.
    • Learn how to order vegetarian dishes in the native language.
    • The International Vegetarian Union has information about how to order vegetarian dishes in the native language of the country you are visiting. Their website is located at:
  5. Bring Food
    • Bring food with you just in case you can't find a vegetarian friendly market. Small bags of nuts, dried fruits, pretzels, and crackers are lightweight and easy to travel with.
  6. Request a Vegetarian Meal when booking flights.
    • Many airlines, cruises and train carriers offer vegetarian meals. Ask the customer service representative about their vegetarian options when booking your flight, cruise or train trip.

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