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Healthy Holiday Meals

Healthy Holiday Meals
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Holiday Meals


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Healthy Meal Tips

I will use lite bread in my oyster stuffing. I can't eliminate stuffing for fear of instant torture.

I will use all natural ingredients while avoiding processed and any canned foods.

The serving size for bread according to the nutrition information is one slice.  I'll make smaller sandwiches or open-face sandwiches with one piece of bread per sandwich.

This year, I'm serving more fresh vegetables and doing away with the high calorie dishes such as, candied sweet potatoes and macaroni and cheese.  I'm also looking for an alternative to the rich desserts we've eaten in the past.

Our holiday dinners are so unhealthy by today's standards. To attempt to make them healthy by today's standards would completely change the taste and character of my dishes, and my family would have my head, I kid you not!

Cut back on alcohol.

I'll serve more whole fruits than juices.

I'll bake with sugar substitutes.

Lots of fresh fruit, veggies and nuts for pre dinner munchies, instead of fatty, salty junk food.

I'll serve fresh apple rings with a teaspoon of peanut butter in the center instead of sugary cookies.

I will do research through the media, and my family and friends who follow healthy diets.

Use christmas colored fruits and veggies to enliven the table.

Instead of a cookie swap this year, I'll invite guests to a fruit swap. Emphasizing fruits we don't usually serve, such as guavas.

Serve healthier drinks: Natural Juices and water, instead of soda and sugar-laden drinks.

I've completely quit using butter while baking.  I now use a combo of olive oil and applesauce. Lighter but still delicious cookies!

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