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Healthy Holiday Meals

Healthy Holiday Meals
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Holiday Meals


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Holiday Meals

I'm incorporating small salads more times per week with dinners. I will use fresh or frozen veggies and fruits as often as finances will allow.

Providing a healthy meal for my family includes using fresh vegetables when preparing my dressing. Baking my turkey instead of frying it. Using less fatty oils while preparing vegetable dishes. Use margarine instead of butter. Drinking lemonade made from fresh lemons and using silverware instead of plastic ware.

I'll use reduced fat Swiss cheese when I prepare quiche.

I'll not cook more than we can eat in one sitting so helpings are controllable. We need to cut down on seconds, thirds, etc.

I will make my holiday meals more healthy by using turkey breasts instead of the whole turkey. I will also use a sweetner substitute for sugars and serve vegetables with turkey wings for flavoring instead of more fatty meats. I will choose to bake healthier sweets for instance, sweet potato pie without the brown sugar and using a substitute for the sweetener in the pie. We will not be having any fried foods this year and we will go for a long walk afterwards. Oh yeah, we will sweeten our tea with honey and use honey on our rolls instead of butter. We enjoy the holidays and our family is quite large so cooking for a crowd has become one of my hobbies and learning to make recipes more healthy has become one of my priorities.

I will be adding more spices instead of salt for taste, because my dad has high blood pressure. Also, when I make pumpkin pie, I'll use fat free condensed milk and fat free whip cream on top!

I use lighter products, such as reduced-fat cheese, unsalted crackers, etc. for the holiday recipes I follow.  We also keep healthy snacks on hand, such as vegetable sticks, raisins, etc. so even appetizers are good for you!

Not inviting my wife's ex to the dinner.

Serving fresh, in season, veggies and fruits which is possible because I am in Florida. Putting out bowls of fruit and walnuts to munch on.

I'll encourage the family to replace butter with a small portion of all-fruit jam on toast.

Serve only lean meats, fish, and poultry.

This year I am going to try really hard to prepare health meals, especially since I am learning about extra virgin olive oil. I will probably be using it a lot to make my breads, rolls, and other things. I will also be using a lot of brown sugar and egg substitutes.

Instead of using white bread to make stuffing, I'll use whole wheat.

Using more organic products and also use more "light" or "nonfat" products as well.

I'll serve sparkling or still water instead of sugary soft drinks.

Cut smaller slices of pie.

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