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The Health Benefits of Wine

There has been much discussion in the past as to whether drinking in moderation results in good or bad effects on one’s health. Much of this hot topic has revolved around wine consumption. It has been stated and supported by various medical health professionals that there are health benefits to drinking wine in moderation.

Heart Health

It has been stated by numerous medical health professionals and researchers that certain types of wine can in fact be good for one’s heart. Reducing the incidence of heart attacks and high cholesterol through wine are two of the proclamations that were made by the health community. In fact, one who drinks red wine in moderation may be able to help prevent these medical conditions from occurring.

Reduction of Blood Clots

Other studies which have come to light in the past state that the benefits of red wine do not end with helping to prevent heart attacks and high cholesterol. The prevention of blood clots is another role that red wine consumption may play. This is due to the antioxidants such as veratrole and catechin which are present in red wine.

Prevention of Cancer

Researchers and doctors have also stated that drinking wine may help to prevent various forms of cancer. The research for this statement is still in progress however more and more health professionals are looking into this benefit from wine.

Stimulation of Antiviral Responses

One may also learn that drinking red wine helps to stimulate antiviral responses which occur within the body. These responses help to fight off various types of viruses. The stimulation is caused by the polyphenols which are present within the wines.

Helps to Fight Obesity

For those individuals who battle obesity, perhaps drinking red wine in moderation may be helpful to fight this frequent uphill battle. There have been studies performed which concluded that drinking red wine in moderation can lead to preventing obesity. However it is important to make sure that moderation is key since drinking more than moderate amounts may increase one’s chances of becoming obese.


The health benefits of wine are voluminous in nature. The key to having wine consumption aid in preventing certain health problems is to drink in moderation. As more research is performed on the health benefits of wine, one is sure to find that many more health benefits are uncovered as a result of consuming wine.

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