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Donating Your Eggs  

Egg donation is something which individuals take part in so that they may help friends, family members or even complete strangers conceive a child. Prior to donating eggs, try to speak with members of the medical health profession who are experienced with the egg donation procedures. View detailed success rates and educate yourself about donating. There are a few things prospective egg donors should consider prior to providing their eggs to aid in the in vitro fertilization process.

Psychological and Physical Exams are Necessary

Egg donation is not a speedy and easy process. Prior to providing an egg donation, the woman must undergo psychological and physical examinations. These examinations will help to ensure that the eggs meet the guidelines set by the medical facility. If the medical facility determines that the psychological and/or physical exam results are unfavorable, the egg donation may be denied.

Egg Donation May Lead to a Child

Although the intended purpose of egg donation is the creation of a child, some individuals who take part in egg donation may not truly understand the end result. The egg donor could possible aid in the creation of a child. If a child is created, the egg donor will have a mini version of themselves running around somewhere in the world. This is something to strongly consider.

Anonymous or Familiar Donation

It is important to decide if you want to know the outcome of the egg donation or whether you wish for it to remain a secret. Some individuals who donate eggs to strangers wish to know if the eggs took and a pregnancy occurred. Others are happier not knowing what happened to the eggs.

Pills, Injections and Sprays May be Necessary

Egg donors are often required to take a variety of pills, injections and/or sprays. Egg donation does not entail a simple one-day visit to the doctor and then the egg donation is complete.

How to become an egg donor

If you are interested in becoming an egg donor, check with your local medical society for in vitro programs that use egg donation.

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