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Women and Medication

Women react to medications differently than men. For decades, the medical profession assumed that women were like 'small men'. We now know that women are not like small men. Women are very different from men, especially when it comes to Medicine. Some of the common ways men and women are different are listed below.

  1. Women metabolize prescription drugs differently. Certain medications like Erythromycin and Imitrex can disrupt a women's heart rhythm and if used for a long term, cause heart problems. Some of the reasons why women metabolize prescription drugs differently are: hormone levels, amount of body fat, and slower digestive systems.
  2. Hormone levels can reduce or boost the amount of medicine circulating in the blood system. This can either increase or decrease the dosage needed.
  3. Women have more body fat than men. Drugs that collect in fatty tissue aren't metabolized as quickly so less drugs are needed.
  4. Women's digestive systems are slower than men. Slow digestive systems can cause medicines like painkillers to slowly pass through the digestive tract. This causes more medicine to be absorbed and less medicine is needed.
  5. Pain is more acute. Scientific evidence suggests that women feel pain more intensely, more often and throughout more of their body than men.
  6. Lung cancer and smoking are deadlier. Women who smoke are one and a half times more likely than male smokers to develop lung cancer.
  7. Depression rates are higher. Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from clinical depression.
  8. Women have more trouble sleeping. Women suffer from insomnia and feel tired during the day more often than men.
  9. Women are at an increased risk of developing potentially fatal irregular heartbeats (also called arrhythmias) in response to taking certain medications than men.

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