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How to Get the Job of Your Dreams

In order to snare the job of your dreams you have to first figure out what that is, exactly. For most people a dream job harkens back to something that piqued their interest as children. A dream job is usually a job that is challenging, holds plenty of promise and potential for upward mobility, has balance, a good salary and a fair environment in which to work. It might be surprising to some but recently a survey was done by Disney Parks and Career Builder of over 6,000 employees across the nation and it was shown that the number one element missing in most people's jobs that prevents their jobs from being "dream jobs" is none other than fun.

Who is living the dream?

Studies show that some professionals are more likely to report having a dream job than are others. Examples of these professions include teachers, firefighters, engineers, police officers, real estate agents and travel professionals. On the other hand the workers who admit to feeling as if they are not in their dream job include those who work in retail, food services, or the manufacturing industry.

Get busy!

If you want to be in the job of your dreams then you will need to get busy. First of all do your research. Learn everything you can about the job of your dreams including industry trends, salaries, potential for advancement, etc. Look into jobs that are similar to the one you are interested in pursuing. Take classes, workshops or online courses to get qualified for the work you wish to do.

Find a mentor

The best place to find inspiration is in someone who has already succeeded at what you wish to do. Find a success story or a mentor and ask that person how they achieved their dream.

What's the problem?

Take inventory of your life and figured out what is holding you back from going for your dream job. Is it lack of education, lack of skills, lack of money or a fear of the unknown? Maybe there is more then one impediment to your success. Take each problem and individually work through to a logical conclusion that will suit both yourself and your family.

Take a step back (and maybe even a pay cut)

If money is not in short supply for you then you might find it easier to get closer to your dream job by taking on a lower paying job with less responsibilities and maybe less hours to allow you to pursue your dream. Sometimes a short-term sacrifice could lead to the closer acquisition of a long-term goal.

Speak with a professional

Career coaches are there to help clients decide what jobs are right for them and what their strengths and weaknesses are in terms of employment. Seek the sound advice of a career professional to help you get closer to landing the job of your dreams. A career counselor might have an "in" that could help propel you through the door!

We'll teach you how to #LiveTo100!

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