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What You Should Do If You Are Injured At Work  

Work related injuries are common occurrences. The extent and amount of injuries vary from workplace to workplace. (Top 10 most dangerous jobs) For individuals who are currently employed, it is important to be aware of the steps you should take should if you are be injured on the job.

Report the Incident to Your Supervisor Immediately

The first step to take once an injury has occurred is reporting the incident to your supervisor. If the supervisor is not on duty, report the incident to the next person in charge. This should be done immediately for a few different reasons. First, reporting the incident immediately to the person in charge will allow that individual to remedy the existing hazard, if there is one, and document important information. Secondly, when an injured worker reports the incident as soon as it occurs, they are able to provide the most accurate information to the supervisor and fill out an injury report. The information will be used for workers’ compensation insurance purposes.

Obtain Medical Help If Necessary

The next step is to immediately obtain medical help. This may be the first step if the injury is severe (such as where an ambulance is needed) and there is no time to notify the supervisor prior to obtaining treatment. If the injury is serious enough as to where an ambulance is necessary have someone call one and have the supervisor informed about what has happened. The extent of the injury will dictate what type of treatment is necessary and if it has to be obtained immediately. It is crucial that serious injuries be taken care of by a medical health professional.

Ask Employer for a Medical Referral

Many workers’ compensation insurers will require employers to obtain medical referrals for their employees who have suffered an injury on the job. If the injury required a trip to the emergency room, then the referral may be able to be obtained after the visit. However, if the injury is less serious, the employer may need to get the medical referral through their insurer by phone prior to the doctor’s office visit. The best way to find out the desired process is to ask one’s employer should an injury occur.

Keep the Employer Updated

Lastly, it is vital that the injured worker keep their employer in the loop with regard to their injury and how the treatment is progressing. This will help to ensure that the medical bills will be paid by the workers’ compensation insurer in a timely manner and let the employer know where they stand with regard to their employee’s ability to return to work.

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