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Office Etiquette Tips for Moms to be and New Moms

There are no clear cut rules when it comes to office etiquette for moms and moms to be but there are some tips that are worthwhile to be aware of if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby and have since returned to work.

Telling the boss

You do not need to tell your boss right away but instead let a variety of factors figure into when you reveal that you are pregnant. These factors should include your medical condition, your plans and any potential workplace hazards. Legally your pregnancy has no bearing on your ability to do your job. If you can do your job throughout your pregnancy, keep on doing it for as long as you are physically able to.

Always find out what your rights are according to the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission as well as your state civil rights commission. Always review the short-term disability of the company you work for and all medical policies. Some companies classify pregnancy as a short-term disability while others have a maternity leave policy.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is often a reality for the first trimester of pregnancy. Sometimes there is nausea and sometimes vomiting and for some unfortunate women, both. Freshen up at work if you have gotten sick on the commute to work and keep a bottle of cold water or a big glass of ice-cold water at your desk. Keep plastic grocery bags at your desk in case your desk is not accessible to the bathroom and make sure your waste basket is as close to your desk as possible (a metal waste basket is best). Placing a cool rag on your forehead or an ice bag behind your neck can help to alleviate nausea as can wrapping a cool rag or washcloth around your neck.

Some women find that doing deep breathing helps to ward off morning sickness, especially if they really need to keep it at bay because of an important meeting or presentation. Many women espouse the use of a pocket toothbrush to make their mouth feel better after they have gotten sick. If toothpaste makes you feel worse then experiment with some of the children’s flavors or you might even try using baking soda and salt as a type of toothpaste.

When to tell your co-workers

When you decide to tell your co-workers is up to you. If you have one or two co- workers whom you are very close to you might want to tell them right away and then swear them to secrecy until you choose to tell the rest of the office. Some people are pleased when an office baby shower is thrown for them while other women are embarrassed to be the center of attention. Presents such as baby clothing and accessories are best but never buy anything too big or too expensive. A cake or luncheon and even some balloons are always a nice treat for a lady expecting a baby or even a lady who is returning to work.

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