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How to Speed up the Job Application Process

It can be very frustrating to apply for a job and then wait and wait to find out if you have been short listed or not. Some companies do tend to be faster in their response time and this depends on a number of different factors. The larger the company the more positions there are and the more applicants there are the longer the process will take. For example the process of applying for a job in the federal government can be long and involved because there are many different steps to take. Some companies require that eligible candidates complete a series of tests while other companies may choose to do more than one interview. Some companies will have a one-on-one interview with an interviewee and then may decide to have a second interview with another person from the company sitting in on the interview.

One of the most important things a job hunter can do from his end is to send a resume and cover letter to the right contact person. If you simply send your application to the human resources office for example it will take a longer period of time to be looked at and considered then if you take the time to learn that you must send the letter to Mr. Brad Thomas or Ms Joyce Austin. Find the telephone number of the company and call them up to inquire as to the name of the person who heads up the department you wish to apply to. This should help a great deal in speeding up the job application process because your resume/cover letter does not have to go through a number of channels before it lands at the proper destination.

Applying to smaller agencies can get you a quicker response but sometimes the job you desire might be with the federal government or a large corporation. If that is the case then apply for jobs that you are most qualified for and ones that match your skills very well. If a job lists five qualifications and you do not have at least half of what is required then keep looking.

It is smart to apply for anywhere from one to three jobs a week if you are looking for work in a big organization. Be diligent and keep your name front and center in the job pool. With the Internet becoming more and more of a viable job resource it might be wise to submit your resume to any number of the databases online that are relevant to your job search. Some options include USA JOBS, CPOL and Civilian Human Resources. Take the time to scour the Internet for agencies and databases that are specific to your job search.

Apply to jobs with all sorts of deadlines, be they deadlines that are very close at hand as well as those that are farther away. Be picky about the jobs you apply for and not the deadlines. Always keep track of all the jobs you have applied for in the event that you get a call about one of them in the future.

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