child abuse

When most people think about child abuse, one tends to think about how it affects the child during the early stages of their lives. However, child abuse can effect a person throughout their whole life. Adults who were abused as a child suffer differently than young children. Studies show that adults who were abused when they were younger, often will need counseling to help heal their wounds.

Most adults who were abused as children will often hide it from their peers for fear of rejection and shame. This is one of the reasons why the effects never really go away. Convincing middle-aged adults to open up about being abused can be very difficult. Child abuse survivors are more likely to become violent, drug and alcohol abusers and child abusers themselves.

Symptoms of adults who were sexually abused as a child

Both men and women may experience a wide variety of symptoms that are associated with their history of childhood abuse. Some of the most common symptoms are:

Physical Presentations

  • chronic pelvic pain
  • gastrointestinal symptoms/distress
  • musculoskeletal complaints
  • obesity
  • eating disorders
  • insomnia, sleep disorders
  • pseudocyesis
  • addiction
  • chronic headache
  • chronic back pain

Psychologic and Behavioral Presentations

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms
  • dissociative states
  • repeated self-injury
  • suicide attempts
  • poor contraceptive practices
  • compulsive sexual behaviors
  • sexual dysfunction
  • somatizing disorders
  • coor adherence to medical recommendations
  • intolerance of or constant search for intimacy
  • expectation of early death

Adults who were abused will more than likely pay a higher cost of health care services because of the severs symptoms and complex mental issues that are associated with child abuse.

Adult victims of child abuse may feel they don’t deserve nice things or live a good life. Depression plays a big part in how easy or hard it may be for them to become a survivor, rather than the victim. Victims of child abuse may also reject any kind of religion and faith.

Adults who were abused as children often will often suffer from eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, suicide attempts and low self-esteem. Survivors may also use coping strategies for protection against feelings of helplessness and fear.

It is very important for adults to get medical treatment if they were abused sexually, mentally or physically. In some cases, adults who’ve experienced child abuse won’t suffer at all. Depending on how young the victim is and the relationship with their abuser plays a pivotal role in how well the child can grow into an adult and not have any effects of abuse.