It can arguably be said that the chances of being physically attacked are much more common than some may think. Whether it is perpetrated by a stranger or loved one, physical attacks happen more often that people expect. The best way to adequately prepare yourself against any possible attack is to be vigilant and prepared. It is important to know exactly what to do if one should find themselves in this position someday.

Make a scene

If an individual is being physically attacked the first thing to do in order to prevent further injuries is to make a scene. If possible, scream and use words with specific details and instructions. For example, yelling “Call The Police” will give someone who doesn’t want to intervene a way to help. A child who is being attached can can scream “Stop, You’re not my parent”, alerting other adults that the child is being mishandled by a non authoritative person. Making a scene is also important for others to be able to tells something specific to a police officer, which will help the case against the perpetrator.

The individual being attacked should scream as loud as possible and try to gain the attention of others around them so that they can get help. The more noise one makes, the more likely it will be that someone will help.

Fight your attacker if safe to do so

People may be amazed to find the strength that they possess in the midst of being physically attacked. Some may find that they will kick, punch, scratch or do whatever is necessary to break free from the grasp of the attacker. It is also crucial that the attacked individual does not allow their attacker to drag them off anywhere. This will make it more likely that the attack will continue and perhaps intensify as well as making it less likely that others will hear them. However, each situation is different and the individual being attacked may feel that it is best to cooperate so as to prevent possible serious injury or death. One must analyze their individual situation to determine what the best way to proceed may be.

Try all possible ways to get to safety

The victim should always be thinking of the best way to free themselves from their attacker. Whether they divert the attention of the attacker or strike out at them to throw them off guard, it is important to get to safety as soon as possible so that the attack will stop.

Call the Police and Obtain Medical Attention

Once the individual has freed themselves from the attacker, they should go directly to the nearest police station and file a report. The sooner they get to the police station, the fresher the information will be in their minds and the more likely it will be that the police officers can locate and arrest the attacker. The police will also be able to take pictures to have as evidence relating to the attack. If injuries have been sustained in the attack, it is important to have them treated at the nearest hospital emergency room.

Consider Counseling

Being the victim of a physical attack can leave an individual feeling scared, vulnerable and uneasy. Counseling is something which may help to alleviate these problems caused by the physical attack. There are many counseling options which one can look into in order to help them face the attack such as phone sessions, personal sessions or group counseling. If one feels that counseling will help, it is important to look into these options once they have recuperated from the incident.