adoption process

Adoption is an extremely time consuming, yet rewarding process. Whether one is unable to bear children or if they simply wish to add on to their family by way of adoption, the adoption process may be a big unknown for some. For those who are hoping to adopt, there is a general procedure which they must follow and this procedure will vary depending on the type of adoption, domestic or international, and the country in which the parents reside. The following will highlight some of the basic steps which are taken throughout the adoption process.

Retain an adoption attorney or go through an adoption agency

The first step which adoptive parents need to take in the adoption process is to choose an adoption agency or family law attorney who specializes in adoption matters. Once selected, the agency or attorney will provide adoption paperwork for the parents to fill out as well as inform them of their options with regard to adoption. At this time the parents can determine whether they wish to adopt domestically or internationally.

Prepare for a home study  

The next step in the adoption process is the home study. The home study is the procedure where a social worker is assigned to the family and will be responsible for visiting the home to ensure a safe living environment. There are also documents which the adoptive parents must complete in order to have the home study performed and throughout the completion of the home study. If the social worker determines that the home is a proper living environment for an adopted child, the procedure will progress to the next step.

Wait for a child  

After all documents have been filled out and filed with the proper authorities and a home study has been completed and approved, the adoptive parents will then have to wait for their child. They will have already proclaimed their preferences regarding gender, domestic or international child and other pertinent options. The waiting period which a family must go through before they meet their adopted child will depend on a few different factors such as type of adoption and age of adopted child.

Placement and follow-up  

Once a child has been chosen, the adoption agency or attorney will take the necessary steps to place the child with the family. Once the adopted child and adoptive parents have found each other, the relevant adoption agencies will conduct follow-up visits to ensure that everything is going well in addition to providing some assistance to the new parents along the way.