adoptive parents

When adoptive parents to add a child to their family by way of adoption, they may be confused as to the process surrounding adoption. For example, many individuals are unaware of the fact that there are different types of adoption which one can choose from in the selection of their child.

Open versus closed adoption

Two forms of adoption which one must choose amongst are the open adoption and closed adoption. An open adoption is where the adoptive parents and birth parents meet prior to the adoption going through. Not only do they gain contact prior to the adoption but they will usually maintain contact throughout the life of the child. This provides a way for the birth parents to stay informed about their birth child and maintain contact with the whole family.

The alternative is a closed adoption wherein the parents, both adoptive and birth ones, are in the dark as to who each other is. The child who is adopted will also be unaware of who the actual birth parents are because the file is often sealed in a closed adoption. Closed adoption often occurs with international adoptions where adoptive parents adopt their child from another country.

Domestic versus international adoption

Two other types of adoptions are domestic adoptions and international adoptions. Domestic adoptions occur when the adoptive parents opt for a child within their native country. For example, residents of the United States search for a child born within the United States. There are pros and cons to all types of adoptions and domestic adoption is no exception. Some pros of domestic adoption include better chance of adopting an infant, no international agencies or governments to deal with and being able to save money with regard to international travel expenses. One of the biggest cons of domestic adoption that the adopting parents may have to wait much longer than with an international adoption because there is more competition in the domestic adoption arena.

The other type of adoption is international adoption where the adoptive parents look for a child who lives within another country. This is a good option for those individuals who wish to adopt as soon as possible and do not want to be on a waiting list for a long time. Some of the downfalls to adopting overseas include potential lack of medical information and more red tape.

These are two main categories relating to the adoption process. When individuals start the adoption process they will have to determine whether they are interested in an open or closed adoption as well as whether they prefer to adopt domestically or internationally. Reviewing the different types of adoption will enable the adoptive parents to make the right choice when it comes to their desired type of adoption.