birth parents

In an adoption scenario, there are multiple parties who have a serious stake in the process as well as the outcome. For those who are birth parents in an adoption situation, you have certain rights akin to your status as the birth parents of the child being adopted. Although the specific rights will vary depending on the state in which the adoption is taking place as well as the rights detailed by the adoption agency, there are some general rights which a birth parent may have on their side with regard to adoption.

Right to information about the adoption process

One right which many birth parents have is to have access to the information relating to the adoption process. Birth parents who are involved with an adoption must know what the process is all about from start to finish. This information can be gained through an attorney, adoption agency or other relevant establishments/individuals involved with the process. Complete information is necessary in order to make the adoption process a fair and just one.

Right to know what rights you are giving up through the adoption process

When birth parents allow their children to be adopted, they are giving up their parental rights to the child. It is crucial that the parents know this fact and they should be informed of this termination of parental rights via an attorney, adoption agency or both. Giving up the right to your child is a big step and full disclosure to the birth parents regarding such termination is necessary to gain their informed consent.

Right to have all your questions answered

Those birth parents who are putting their children up for adoption should also have the right to have all of their questions answered along the way. Whether it relates to the adoption process or issues relating to contacting their biological children years down the road, any questions the parents may have should be answered to the fullest extent possible.

Right to retain an attorney

It is often stated that birth parents have a right to retain an attorney to help them along with the adoption process. One should never depend on the adoption agency’s attorney or adoptive parents’ attorney for advice as there is no professional relationship or duty between either of those attorneys and the birth parents. The best way to ensure that the adoption process is carried out in a fair and legal manner is to hire an attorney on your own to be there every step of the way.

Check local laws and agency tegulations

Lastly, it is imperative that birth parents check with their local laws and adoption agency regulations prior to entering into the adoption process to find out what their rights are in their particular state and adoption situation.