domestic adoption

When individuals express an interest in adopting their children, they are met with a variety of options. The first thing which must be decided is whether one is going to adopt a child from their own country (domestic adoption), or abroad (international adoption).

Getting started with domestic adoption

One of the most common ways to initiate the domestic adoption process is to make plans to adopt a child or choose a birth mother whom they already know. Another way to initiate a domestic adoption is to go through an adoption agency.

If a person already knows whom they want to adopt, it is probably best to obtain an adoption lawyer to aid them in the adoption process. For those who wish to adopt in their own country yet do not have a particular child in mind, one of the common ways to proceed is to retain the help of a local adoption agency. A local adoption agency will guide them through the process and find a child for them to adopt.

Adoption via an adoption agency

If a person decides to use an adoption agency, they should review a few different local agencies to see which one is best for them. Once an agency is chosen, the adoptive parents will have to fill out various adoption paperwork. As soon as all the paperwork has been completed, the parents will have to attend parent preparation courses and undergo a home study to ensure that their house is fit for a child.

The next step is the selection process. With some adoption agencies, the birth mother will select the family who will adopt her child. Some adoption agencies allow the adoptive parents to choose their desired adoptive child. Once the child is chosen the adoption documents are filed, adoption is granted and the child is placed in the home. Thereafter the adoption agency will perform follow-up visits with the new family to ensure that everything is going well.

Adoption between known parties

For those adoptive parents who already know the child or birth mother, the adoption process may be quicker. Once the adoption attorney is retained, the attorney will fill out the relevant legal forms, submit them to the court and the parties will attend the adoption hearing. Once the hearing is complete, the family will just need to wait a short while until the adoption is finalized.