foster adopt

One who is interested in adopting a child can do so through various means. Some choose to adopt via an adoption agency whereas others are more interested in adding to their family through private adoption. There is another adoption method which is quite beneficial to all parties involved and that is the foster adopt method. The foster adopt variety of adoption tends to follow a different course than its adoption counterparts but the end result is the same which is adopting a child so that all lives involved may be better as a result thereof.

What is foster adopt?

When one chooses to pursue adoption this way they are becoming foster parents first and then will ultimately become adoptive parents. Once the parental rights of the birth parents are no longer in existence, the foster parents are able to adopt their foster child. This can be chosen at that the time which one fosters a child or at any time in which the foster child lives within the home. This adoption process combines foster care with adoption and leads to the child becoming a permanent member of the family.

The foster adopt process

The first step to adopting a foster child is to apply to be foster parents. One should visit the Department of Social Services or similar state agency to determine the procedure needed to become a foster parent. Every state has different rules, regulations and procedures. In many states, the prospective foster parents will fill out forms relating to fostering a child as well as submit to a home study to ensure that the future household is suitable for foster children. This may tend to be a lengthy process depending upon the backlog which exists within that particular governmental entity.

While the application and home study are completed and reviewed by representatives of the agency, the future foster parents must attend foster parenting classes to acquire necessary skills related to their future role. Once the paperwork and home study review arecomplete, a child will be selected based upon any preferences given by the foster parents. The less choosy an applicant is with regard to a desired foster child, the less amount of time it will most likely take to have a child placed in the home.

Once the child moves into the home, the next step in the process is to nurture and care for the new member of the family and wait until they are able to be legally adopted. This time range will vary depending upon the specific circumstances surrounding the child and their birth parents. Once legal adoption becomes available, the foster parents can proceed with the adoption.