Adoption provides a wonderful opportunity to both individuals who wish to bring a child into their home and for the child whom is adopted. One type of adoption is a waiting child adoption. Waiting child adoptions involve the process of adopting a child who is currently in the foster care system and is in need of a permanent home. The adoptive parents will need to follow a specific procedure in order to adopt a waiting child however there are many children who are in need of a good home which makes availability quite possible.

Waiting child adoption process

If a waiting child adoption is right for you, there are a few steps you can take in order to adopt a child via this method. The first step is to contact a social services agency or an adoption agency which aids individuals in pursuing waiting child adoptions. The next step is to engage in pre-placement visits with the child so that everyone can get to know one another and see if there is a proper fit. Counseling may also be necessary for the child and family as many waiting children have experienced some sort of personal trauma in their young lives. If the child and family seem to be a good match and the home of the adoptive parents is suitable for a child, then the adoption paperwork will be submitted and the adoption will be finalized.

Benefits of adopting a waiting child

There are many benefits to adopting a waiting child. First and foremost, by adopting via this method, the adoptive parents are providing a home for a child who desperately needs one. Frequently a waiting child has been in the foster care system for a while and is ready to go to a permanent home. Another benefit to adopting a waiting child is that there are many waiting children who need a good home. This makes the adoption process go a bit faster. Also, since waiting children have been in foster care usually for a good length of time, it is less likely that the birth parents of the adoptive child will appear and cause delay in the adoption process.

Things to consider when adopting a waiting child

There are also some things to consider prior to adopting a waiting child. Since these children are in foster care, many of them have been abused or neglected in some way which may make counseling, medical treatment and extra attention necessary. In addition, because waiting children are in the foster care system, there may be some paperwork hang-ups along the way which may at times delay the adoption process.