international adoption

Adoption is a legal procedure which allows a family to bring a child into their home and have them live there on a permanent basis. There are two main types of adoption: domestic and international. Domestic adoption entails adopting a child from within your own country whereas international adoption is the act of adopting a child who is a resident of another country. The following will detail international adoption and make it that much more evident why adoption is a great thing to pursue.

Countries where someone can adopt a child

The number of countries from which one can adopt a child is quite large. From Russia to China and everywhere in between, there are orphaned children who are looking for a good home and a good family to take care of them. Some adoptive parents will opt to select a specific country from which to adopt whereas others are open to any child from any country. It is important to keep in mind that throughout the world there are children who are placed up for adoption and need a good, nurturing home.

International adoption process

The adoption process varies according to the country from which you want to adopt. However, there is a general guideline which many adoptive parents will follow when it comes to international adoption.

The first step in the international adoption process is to locate a reputable international adoption agency. The adoptive parents will meet with the agency, fill out the relevant paperwork to get the process started and make plans for a home study to be performed.

The adoptive parents will next need to fill out relevant adoption forms for international adoption. The forms will be part of a foreign dossier which the parents will need to compile. Along with the compilation of a dossier, each parent who is going to travel to the child’s country of origin will need to obtain a passport if they do not already have one. Since these may take some time to obtain, it is important to do so as early as possible. It is at this time also when the adoptive parents will select the country from which they want to adopt a child. After this has all been completed, they will have to wait for a child referral.

Upon receiving referral of a child, the parents will then start planning their trip to pick up the newest member of their family. Once the date is finalized, the parents will go to meet their child and obtain the adoption decree. Once back in their native country, it is then necessary to readopt the child in the residential state, obtain citizenship for the child and meet with adoption agency representatives regarding any post-placement issues.