older child

Adoptive parents are able to pick and choose whom they adopt, from what country and the age of the child adopted. Although some parents prefer to adopt younger children, some parents also prefer to an adopt older child. It is important to look at the circumstances surrounding older child adoptions as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages to adopting an older child to make the best decision.

What are older child adoptions?

An older child adoption is where the adoptive parents choose to adopt a child who is two years of age or older. Although a three year old may not seem to be old per se, there are adoptive parents who may find that anyone over the age of one is older than they wish to adopt. Older child adoptions are usually more readily available than infant adoptions as a good amount of adoptive parents are interested in adopting a child who is still in the infant stage of life.

Advantages to adopting an older child

There are many advantages of adopting an older child. One of the advantages is the conversational and interaction skills which an older child possesses. A child who is no longer a baby will be better able to communicate with the parents and tell them exactly what they want and need. In addition, when adopting an older child, the adoptive parents gain a greater sense of knowledge regarding current and past medical issues and will have a better idea about how healthy the child is.

Another advantage to older child adoptions is that the adoptive parents can feel out whether or not they will establish a bond with their future adopted child and see if the connection is there. Also, older children will often be less time consuming and less likely to demand constant attention as a newborn would.

Disadvantages to adopting an older child

There are also disadvantages to adopting an older child as opposed to a newborn. One disadvantage is the adoptive parents will miss out on seeing the baby stages where the child first laughs, crawls and walks. Another disadvantage, one who adopts an older child may find that the adjustment is a bit harder for the child as they most likely have made certain contacts with other family members throughout their early lives or have experienced quite a bit if they were moved about from foster home to foster home.

There are many older children who are waiting to be adopted and are searching for that perfect family to take them in which hopes to adopt an older child. It is important to consider adopting an older child as there are many who need a good home.