open adoption

Adoptive parents have quite a few choices to make when it comes to the adoption process. There are various types of adoption which a parent can choose from when trying to adopt a child. One of the most popular types of adoptions is an open adoption. Open adoption will be defined as well as described in terms of pros and cons relating to such a type of adoption. This will help prospective parents to determine if open adoption is right for them.

What is an open adoption?

An open adoption is when the parents of the child and the future adoptive parents meet prior to the adoption process. Sometimes, they choose to stay in touch for a period of time. The open adoption process allows the birth parents to see who will be caring for their child. The open adoption process also allows the adoptive parents to see who gave birth to the child and to allow general open communication between the parties. Open adoption is quite expansive in nature.

Pros of open adoptions

There are quite a few benefits to choosing open adoption. First, open adoption provides the birth parents with peace of mind that their child will be going to loving, nurturing parents. Secondly, open adoption allows the adoptive parents to ask the birth parents questions concerning the child. Some common questions that the adoptive parents ask the birth parents is the child’s health history and the family history. Lastly, open adoption takes away a lot of the secrecy that may sometimes be contained within adoption and makes open communication available.

Cons of an open adoptions

There are also some potential downfalls to open adoption. One of the main cons to an open adoption is the nervousness or fear the adoptive parents may experience knowing that the birth parents play somewhat of an active role in the life of the child. Depending on how frequent the interaction is between sets of parents, the adoptive parents may find that the birth parents may intrude too much on the new family unit. This is a reason why some parents opt to adopt via a closed adoption process as the connection between birth parents and adoptive parents is nonexistent.

Frequency of open adoptions

Open adoptions are very common. Many adoption agencies offer open adoption procedures because they feel the child will benefit from having adoptive parents yet all the while still knowing who their birth parents are in the end. Open adoptions are more frequent in domestic types of adoption whereas international adoptions tend to be closed in nature. It is up to the adoptive parents to choose a type of adoption which works best for them and then try to find an adoption agency which offers the desired type of adoption.