adoption process

Military families living on United States military bases in different countries are still considered to be in United States territory. These families can contact adoption agencies in the United States which will be able to help them through with the adoption process. The adoption process will probably be easier if the parents go through an agency in their state of residence. The adoption agency will aid them in the adoption process.

Make use of military installation resources

Every military installation provides a wealth of resources for families stationed at them. Family support services are a big part of the offerings provided by the military installations. Military installations usually have information about adoption. The staff at the military installations can give referrals to adoption agencies.

Military families

Some may question whether placing an adoptive child with a military family is a wise idea as the military life involves a lot of uprooting and moving around. The concept of frequent moves may be factual yet there are many reasons why military families are a great option for adoptive children. Military families have a wealth of resources available to them. They are given healthcare benefits as well as access to a number of services such as family support, educational resources and recreation. Military families also tend to have a strong familial bond.

A military family cannot be denied adoption simply because of the potential to move around. The Interstate Compact for the Placement of Children (ICPC) allows a child from one state to be adopted by a family who moves to another state.

Military adoption reimbursements

If you are on active duty in the military, you are eligible for reimbursement of expenses up to $2,000 for the adoption of a single child and up to $5,000 per family per year. In order to receive the reimbursement, the adoption must have been arranged through a non-profit agency. The reimbursement is paid after the adoption is finalized, this benefit is not doubled if both parents are in the military. Fees that can be reimbursed include agency fees, legal fees, placement fees, and medical expenses. Travel expenses were not originally covered when this program was introduced, but they may be covered in the future.

Military adoption benefits

Under the military’s Program for Persons with Disabilities, military parents may be eligible to receive up to $1,000 a month for disabled or special needs adopted children. The military also has a program called the Exceptional Family Member Program that will ensure that adoptive parents of special needs children are assigned to bases or duty stations that can meet the needs of the child.