Adoption is a legal process which can be quite tricky in nature. Each of the parties involved has certain rights which they are afforded by state law as well as agency regulations. Adoptive parents are one party which has multiple rights associated with their role in the adoption process. Even though the specific rights will vary depending on the particular state and adoption agency, there are some which many adoptive parents find are related to their situation.

Right to the child at a certain period in time

Each state will give adoptive parents the right to the child at a particular stage in the adoption process. This protects the adoptive parents from being susceptible to the revocation of the adoption by the birth parents after a certain point in the process. The adoptive parents who are about to go through with an adoption should find out what this time period is as it will provide them with peace of mind knowing that their adopted child will not be given to them and then taken away at a moment’s notice.

Right to information relating to the adoption

The adoptive parents will also have a right to access specific information relating to the adoption process. Again, the type of information and depth of information will vary from state to state. Some examples of pertinent information include medical history of the birth parents and adopted child, psychological history of the birth parents and child and adoption process in the state. The adoptive parents should also have a right to gain information relating to the process followed by the adoption agency with which they are working.

Right to adoption advertising in some states

In some instances, adoptive parents have a right under state law to advertise for potential birth parents willing to give their children up for adoption. For those who have this right, they may find that being able to advertise opens up doors for them which they may not have had otherwise. It provides the adoptive parents with another avenue to follow which may lead to bringing home an adopted child.

Right to hire an attorney

Adoptive parents like birth parents also have the right to hire an attorney to represent them throughout the difficult adoption process. The attorney is an important feature to add to an adoption as they will guide the adoptive parents through the process and the adoptive parents can depend on the attorney to ensure that the adoption is carried out in a legal and proper manner. Having an attorney by your side will help things go a lot more smoothly along the way.