private adoption

Adoption is a process which has many intricate parts. When one first decides that they wish to adopt, they will need to determine if they want to use an adoption agency or pursue an adoption through means. If you decide not to use an adoption agency or the adoption is known as a private adoption. Private adoptions are often done with the aid of a family law attorney who specializes in adoption matters.

What is a private adoption?

A private adoption exists when the adoptive parents hope to adopt a child they already know or adopt through an individual birth mother and do not have to go through an adoption agency to acquire an adoptive child. This type of adoption may exist in a variety of cases such as where a child of family friends is orphaned or when one knows of an acquaintance who can no longer take care of their child and is hoping to have the child adopted. Private adoption follows different steps than an adoption through an adoption agency as one uses a different method to select the child whom they wish to adopt.

The private adoption process

The private adoption process usually begins when the adoptive parents have a prospective child or birth mother in mind with regard to the adoption. Once the adoptive parents know whom they wish to adopt, the next step is to retain an attorney who specializes in the field of adoption. Most adoptive parents usually hire an attorney first and then have the legal professional help them find a prospective birth mother and/or adoptive child. In order to proceed through the private adoption process, the adoptive parents will need to acquire consent from the biological parents and follow some court procedures. The process for private adoption will vary from state to state. If you are interested in pursuing private adoption, you should consult with a family law attorney as soon as possible.

Pros and cons of private adoption

There are various pros and cons associated with private adoption. Some of the common pros of private adoption include adopting a child whom one knows or wishes to adopt and knowing who the biological parents ares. Some of the cons of private adoption include: a lengthly and complicated court process and a higher cost.