Have you recently been struggling to get a good night’s sleep? Read on to learn these five crucial tips to get peaceful sleep.

Adults need seven to nine hours of undisrupted sleep each night. Without peaceful sleep, however, you could impact your overall health. You’ll also experience extreme fatigue, which could lead to a potential accident. 

Start getting a good night’s sleep! With these five easy tips, you can get the peaceful sleep you need to wake up well-rested. 

Forget counting sheep. Keep reading to discover the five tips you need to sleep soundly!

1. Check Your Medications

Some medications (and when you take them) could make it difficult for you to fall asleep each night. If you want to sleep easy, speak with your doctor about the medications you’re taking.

Are any of your medications contributing to your sleep problems?

If you have sleep apnea, a medication with muscle relaxant properties could extend an episode. Other medications have opioids that cause respiratory suppression, making breathing difficult.

Ask your doctor if you can switch medications to improve your sleep hygiene.

2. Shift Your Sleep Position

Do you lie comfortably when you go to bed each night? About 55% of people in one study recognized their sleep position was causing issues. 

Try shifting how you sleep. Sometimes, sleeping on your back can make sleep issues like sleep apnea worse. Instead, try sleeping on your side.

If you’re not comfortable sleeping on your back, you can also try a positional therapy device to help you sleep soundly. 

Otherwise, take a look at your mattress and pillows. If your mattress is old and lumpy, get a new one. Make sure your pillows are comfortable and support your neck each night. 

3. Lose Weight

Obesity can also contribute to sleep issues. In one study, participants who lost weight reduced their need for surgery or therapy. Regaining weight, however, can cause sleep problems to reemerge.

Try exercising each day. Exercise can benefit how long you sleep and help you sleep easy.

You can also try yoga to improve your oxygen flow, which can help you sleep soundly too. 

4. Try an Oral Application

About 70% of Americans have a difficult time getting enough sleep at least one night each month. Another 11% report insufficient sleep every night. If you’re struggling to sleep soundly, speak with a doctor. 

They can recommend oral applications that can help you get the sleep you need.

For example, our doctor might recommend a mandibular advancement device. There are also tongue stabilizing devices available over-the-counter. 

If these options don’t work, your doctor might recommend nasal obstruction surgery. Surgery could open your airways at night and help you get the sleep you need.

5. Quit Bad Habits

Bad habits like smoking and drinking can also impact your sleep hygiene. 

Smoking can cause breathing problems and increase your chances of sleep apnea. Alcohol, on the other hand, can cause airway obstruction.

Quit these bad habits and start sleeping soundly. 

Catch Those Z’s: 5 Tips for Getting Peaceful Sleep

Ready to catch up on lost z’s? Use these five tips to get the peaceful sleep you need. Once you catch up on sleep, you’ll feel refreshed and better than ever. 

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