In a world where there is always so much happening and so much going on, sleep has become a delicacy like no other. That feeling at the end of a day when all the emails are sent, dinner has been eaten and your bag is packed and ready for tomorrow brings me so much joy to look forward to. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that the moment you hit the pillow you will fall into a blissful sleep? With over-exposure to blue-lights, constant stress, and things happening all around us- it is more difficult than we like to admit to get the sleep you so desperately need. These are a few tips and tricks I have discovered aid in getting the most out of that essential sleep at the end of busy days.

Try To Keep Your Sleep Space Mess-Free

Keeping your work space and your sleep space separate may seem impossible, but it really is an easy way to make falling asleep easier. A lot of things happen in your home, make a space to get work done that is separate from your sleepy-time oasis. Keeping you room as a tranquil place that gets a regular cleaning, allows your mind off and fall asleep easier and allow your stress level to decrease.

Put Your Phone Away

We have all heard it, but how many of us practice it? The blue light literally suppresses melatonin, the very thing your body releases to make you sleepy. I started leaving my phone on the table across the room from my bed so I can not give in and check social media before bed. The further away you are from the constant dings and rings it will allow you to relax that much quicker. There will always be tomorrow with plenty of time to answer your phone- let yourself sleep!


In all the stress that comes with being a father, husband, or a co-worker, it can become very difficult to be everything you need to be for yourself. At the end of everyday, right as you get into bed take a few minutes to actively reflect on the day, and acknowledge what is on your mind. I keep a journal next to my bed so I can write down my thoughts and put them away before bed. Something about putting them on paper gets them out of my head for a little while. Focusing on you and how you show up for life makes a world of difference when you take a few moments to check in on you. 

Keep Your Bedtime Consistent

Easier said than done-I know! Think about it though, there is a reason your kids have a scheduled bedtime (probably a lot of them), but it really does allow our bodies to get into a pattern of turning off around a certain time each night. Like anything when you incorporate something new into your life it takes some getting used to. Train yourself to be ready for bed around the same time and your body will listen to you! It is proven!

Get Proper Sunlight During the Day

Your body uses sunlight in order to determine what time of day it is. If you stay cooped up in your house all day without sunlight it can be confusing for your body. Sitting near a window while you work or opening the blinds in your house, it could really benefit your body’s internal clock.

Especially on the weekends, people have a tendency to throw their sleep schedule out of whack by staying home and watching TV all day in the dark. This is fine in short sessions but try and take some breaks to get some sunlight.