Sleep is an essential part of your wellbeing; it helps readjust your body, mind, mood and energy levels in order to maintain good health. Yet, with all the gadgets and materials that are touted for their abilities to improve your sleep, it can seem like a good night’s rest is hard to afford.

Sleep doesn’t have to cost a lot to be high-quality, though. Here are some ways to ensure you’re getting the rest you need without spending a lot.

Don’t fall for expensive myths

There are a lot of misconceptions about what is needed for a good night’s sleep. While some insist that silk sheets will enhance your shut-eye, much cheaper cotton has been shown to prevent sweating and improve comfort better than silk. Others think that bedroom curtains need to be elaborate, thick, and thermal sheets of fabric. Instead, any dark-colored curtains or pull-down shades can keep the sunlight out of your bedroom sanctuary for less than $30. Bedroom essentials don’t need to be expensive, just comfortable and sleep-supportive. There are likely cheaper, more effective alternatives to many popular sleep myths.

Lower the bedroom temperature

You will sleep better in a cooler environment that follows your body’s natural temperature drop at night. This also saves both money and energy by lowering your home’s heat output. In fact, lowering your thermostat just a few degrees at night can save about 10 percent on your annual energy bill. Try to keep your thermostat between 65-67 degrees to make it easier for you to fall asleep and save money. If the outside temperature is warmer than that, use fans to create a cross breeze instead of turning on the air conditioning.

Spend wisely on big items

Your bedroom furniture can make the biggest impact on your sleep so it’s the one area where you shouldn’t compromise on quality. The comfort that a plush bed and sturdy frame can provide throughout the night will lengthen your sleep time drastically. They can be expensive, but not if you avoid paying full price for them. Do your research to ensure you get top-quality items at a discount. You can buy used, but still high-end, headboards on Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, or use an online promo code for a new mattress. Using a few tricks will ensure you still get the comfort that’s so crucial to good sleep without shelling out thousands of dollars.

Eat sleep-supportive snacks

You don’t necessarily need to spend large amounts on sleeping pills or supplements when you can get the same nutrients in your daily snacks. Many natural foods contain nutrients that support sleep. Most fruit, for example, can be purchased in season for just a few dollars and will help you fall asleep efficiently. Cherries and kiwi contain high levels of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep, while bananas are great sources of magnesium which helps muscles relax before bed. Outside of fruit-based snacks, a cheese stick or small bowl of oatmeal can help prevent hunger and settle the stomach before settling down for the night.

As long as you are consistently able to get a full and restful eight hours of sleep every night, you don’t need to buy expensive gadgets that promise better rest. Instead, stick to cheaper alternatives that help you sleep well. By making a few simple updates to your routine and bedroom, you can invest in better sleep without breaking the bank.