Sleep works a number of wonders on your health, which is why it’s necessary to spend a full third of your life sleeping. To understand the importance of comfortable sleep, we need to understand the benefits of sleep:

  • Sleep improves concentration.
  • Sleep enhances mood
  • Sleep strengthens the immune system
  • Sleep promotes healthy blood flow
  • Sleep allows the body time to heal
  • Sleep sharpens memory
  • Sleep balances hormones

With all these benefits coming from a good night’s rest, it’s crucial that you sleep comfortably. If you’re not comfortable while you sleep, your sleep will be interrupted and fitful, even if you don’t wake up to notice. Proper support will allow you to sleep more soundly, thus gaining better benefits.

The human body is not a straight line. Curved from your toes to your head with an S-shaped back in between, a regular flat mattress simply will not do. Your sleeping surface should allow your body to rest in the shape of a standing person with good posture, accounting for your curves and contours and providing comfort you can count on. For proper support, try a memory foam topper. These toppers, created from NASA technology, are sensitive to heat and pressure, conforming to your body’s natural shape and allowing you to maintain a natural posture even at night.

Keeping your back in alignment, these toppers are great for many people with back, shoulder, and neck pain.

Memory foam toppers absorb extra weight around areas that press harder into the mattress, called pressure points – these include the hips and shoulders on most people. On normal mattress surfaces, when a pressure point becomes uncomfortable due to all the weight it’s supporting, you reposition your body. This means that you move dozens of times every night, which disturbs your sleep without you even knowing it. But with a topper, pressure points will never make you move again.

Memory foam toppers are allergen-free. Allergies, asthma, and hay fever are often aggravated by hollow mattresses that provide breeding grounds for dust mites. Memory foam toppers are not friendly environments for these little buggers, making them nearly free of dust mites.

Memory foam toppers bring a variety of health benefits directly to your bedroom. It’s no wonder that more and more people are adding these healthy comforts to their regular mattresses.