When you are diagnosed with cancer, you will have several questions about treatment options, side effects, or other issues. It’s important to ask your doctor these questions, but it isn’t always easy. Use these 34 questions as a starting point to help you get the information you need.

General questions to ask your doctor after a cancer diagnosis

  1. What type of cancer do I have?
  2. What are my chances of living more than 5 years with cancer?
  3. What are my chances of living more than 10 years with cancer?
  4. What stage cancer do I have?
  5. How do I sign up for survivorship care planning?
  6. What is your experience treating my type of cancer?
  7. Who is going to treat me for my cancer?
  8. Is there a support group that could help me?
  9. Where is the cancer located?
    • Is the cancer in different parts of my body?

Questions to ask your doctor about cancer treatments

  1. What are my treatment options?
  2. What is the plan of treatment?
  3. Is treatment likely to work?
  4. Will I need to stay in the hospital overnight?
  5. What are the side effects of treatment?
  6. How can I prepare for treatment side effects?
  7. How will we know if the treatment is working?
  8. Do I need both chemotherapy and radiation?
  9. Should I enroll in a clinical trial?
  10. Do I need a bone marrow transplant?
  11.  Are there risks I should be aware of?
  12. Will I be able to have children or get pregnant after treatment?
  13. How much will this treatment cost me?
  14. Is it possible to live without treatment?
  15. How long will I live if I do nothing?
  16. What are alternatives to the current plan?
  17. How should I manage my pain?
  18. Is CBD a good option to ease pain?
  19. Is cannabis a good option to ease nausea caused by chemotherapy?
  20. Will treatments cause me to be immunocompromised?

Questions to ask your doctor about the foods to eat while getting treated for cancer

  1. What types of food should I eat during treatment?
  2. What types of foods should I avoid during treatment?
  3. What are the best foods to suppress cancer cell growth?
  4. What are the best foods to support my immune system?

Medicine questions to ask your oncologist

  1. Will I have to take medicine after treatment is over?
    • For how long?
  2. Will medicine prevent developing a secondary cancer?

Questions about work and returning to work after a cancer diagnosis and treatment

  1. Will I be able to work while receiving treatment?
  2. Should I apply for disability?