Cannabis topicals are a great and effective way to enjoy the benefits of THC and CBD. Here are 5 real benefits of using cannabis topicals.

Cannabis is legal for medical use in 33 states, including Florida.

When you think of medicinal cannabis, the first thing that springs to mind might be a joint, vape, or brownie. However, there are ways to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without consuming it at all.

Cannabis topicals are products that you can apply to your skin to achieve a given health objective.

Read on to learn the five most important benefits of cannabis topicals.

1. Inflammation

One of the most common medical issues of any kind is inflammation. It is the cause of arthritis, skin issues like psoriasis, and even chronic problems like diabetes.

Luckily, cannabis is a natural anti-inflammatory. Rubbing topical cannabis on your body (where you are suffering from arthritic pain, say) will help to ease your symptoms.

Topical cannabis will not cure you of problematic inflammation, and for more advanced issues you should always see a medical professional. However, it is effective in the management of many symptoms of inflammation.

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2. Burns

Topical cannabis is effective in healing skin that’s been burned in one way or another.

Again, you should always have a medical professional attend to more serious burn injuries. However, for the blister you get from hitting your thumb on the grill, or the sore nose you have after staying in the sun too long, topical cannabis could be just the thing.

3. Skin Problems

There are a huge number of skin problems that cause issues for people nowadays. Many people will try dietary changes and new skincare routines for years to no avail.

However, many sufferers of skin problems have found an answer in the form of topical cannabis.

The skin issues for which topical cannabis is noted as being an effective treatment include psoriasis, dermatitis, and bacterial issues like folliculitis. Even if you don’t have a particular issue with your skin, topical cannabis can help it to look more youthful and vibrant, which is never a bad thing!

4. Chronic Pain 

Over 20% of US adults suffer from chronic pain. It is a hugely limiting condition that can affect your ability to work and drastically reduce your quality of life.

In certain circumstances, however, topical cannabis can make a positive difference to chronic pain sufferers. If you suffer from back pain, for instance, you may find that rubbing the affected area with a topical cannabis treatment could ease your pain.

5. Massage

Cannabis has well-renowned relaxing properties when you eat or smoke it. However, it can be just as relaxing as part of massage therapy.

Adding some topical cannabis to massage oil can help to relax muscles and relieve tension. It can, therefore, add hugely to treatments like deep tissue or Swedish massage.

Staying Strong and Healthy With Cannabis Topicals

Cannabis topicals are a great option for anyone who wants to unlock the healing power of cannabis without having to ingest it. They are also more effective in the treatment of some conditions than ordinary cannabis.

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