Gone are the days when cannabis was just associated with getting high, and even taking its name was a sin. But over the past few years, cannabis has evolved as a plant with healing properties – all thanks to its compound CBD. Unlike THC, the high causing compound, CBD doesn’t create a high feeling, and people are using it to treat various health conditions, including relieving chronic pain, improving lung capacity, treating depression, and healing joint inflammation.

Considering all these benefits, there isn’t any wonder that you are thinking of growing your own marijuana field in your backyard or indoors. After all, who doesn’t like the idea of having a healing plant at a distance of a few steps? But before calling a random seed supplier, you must know a few things about seeds because buying the right seeds is essential to get the desired results. You can check out crop king seeds review for in-depth knowledge about selecting seed suppliers.

Here, we have come up with some handy tips to select the right seed:

Check Genetics of Seeds:

All cannabis strains are not the same. Some look better than the others in color, smell, taste, and the whole feel of them. You might ask why? The answer is in the genetics of the seed. Though other factors also play their role, the seed’s genetic factor is one of the crucial ones.

All your efforts to take care of the field and feeding growth nutrients will only work if you select the seed with the genetic make-up of yielding the desired results. Like, if you end up buying regular seeds with male characteristics, you will not get buds. Why? Because only female plants yield flowers or buds. So, it is better to buy high-quality feminized seeds that produce only female plants.

Look Out Climate and Environment:

Your selection of the seed also depends on the growth climate and environment. Even if you have selected the best genetics seeds, they will not produce the desired product if you end up growing them in an environment that they are not fit for. So, choose the seeds considering whether you are going to grow indoor yield or outdoor? Also, check the season and daily weather forecast because most cannabis plants are season and weather-sensitive. Some do well on sunny days, while others might need more windy days.

Personal Preference Also Matters:

Knowing the genetics and climate is essential, sure, but considering what kind of experience you want is equally important. You are growing this for your pleasure, so sticking to the seed of your favorite strain is the best thing to do.

Different cannabis strains produce different effects, no matter if you are using them for recreational or medical purposes. Some strains are better for a particular condition, while others work the best for some other situation. So, choose the seed based on the purpose and effect you want to achieve.