Plenty of people use marijuana for recreational and medical purposes. While marijuana helps people who are dealing with insomnia, some users also experience creative benefits from using it. According to Leafwell, a data science organization, research shows that cannabis helps engage creative areas inside the brain. Artists who are struggling to find the next big concept may use cannabis to relax and engage their creative juices. Here’s a closer look at the relationship between cannabis and art.


The idea that artists used cannabis to help create art dates back centuries. According to, a research organization, a previous study discovered that there is a strong chance famous author William Shakespeare may have used marijuana to assist with his creativity. The scientists researched pipes from Shakespeare’s garden and found traces of cannabis and other substances. The team also looked through some of Shakespeare’s journals and found that the author wrote about marijuana producing mental stimulation.

New Laws

As of May 2022, more than 20% of states across America have legalized nonmedical use of marijuana. Due to the legalization of marijuana, more people are starting to explore the benefits of cannabis. Businesses are creating interactive marketing campaigns to attract new customers. There’s more public exposure to cannabis.

Entertainment Industry

Cannabis is considered a big part of the entertainment industry. Many famous musicians have been open about their love for marijuana and how it helps them create art. Many musicians feel that using cannabis keeps them relaxed and motivated to keep working. They believe that using marijuana isn’t a cool trend but something that promotes wellness. Cannabis can also be used while creating art. If you’ve ever created raster art, which can only be built at 75ppi, using cannabis can be a unique way to spark your creativity.

Cannabis as a Sleep Aid

A recent CBS news report revealed that over 70 million individuals deal with sleep deprivation. There is some scientific research that explains the benefits of using cannabis to help relax and go to sleep. Some individuals use cannabis as a pain reliever before falling asleep.

Scientists note that cannabis can help those who are dealing with constant pain, restless legs syndrome, and PTSD. Cannabis helps stimulate the brain’s sleep receptors and stop energy from continually flowing through. As a result, people may fall asleep faster, have less disrupted sleep patterns, and enjoy better overall sleep.