As early as 2900 BC, research shows that cannabis was used to treat pain. In recent studies, it was proven that a certain component of the cannabis plant called cannabidiol or CBD was the main chemical for the pain relief effect among its other health benefits. 

CBD is one of more than 120 cannabinoids found in marijuana or hemp plants. This is a chemical compound which doesn’t have any euphoric effect on humans. 

In order to fully grasp the benefits of CBD, we must first understand the connection of cannabidiol to our body. The human body has an endocannabinoid system (or ECS) which is in charge of maintaining the homeostasis of the body. It is also involved in regulating and balancing the body’s function for sleep, appetite, mood, reproductive system, and even pain and immune system response. 

Studies show that chronic pain is reduced when the endocannabinoid receptor interacts with CBD. This reduces inflammation and interactions with neurotransmitters. 

CBD and Pain

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right? I could agree on this when it comes to literal pain we feel in our bodies. Pain is a good thing because it signals our brain that something is wrong in our body. Without our pain receptors – extreme damage could happen to our bodies. When we touch a hot pot, the pain receptors in our hand signals “Hot! Move away!” to our brain. This is the reason why the moment we touch the pot – we jerk our hand away from it. Without the sensation of pain, we could actually suffer from third degree burn without realizing it. 

So yeah, pain, as difficult as it is to accept, is our body’s gift to us. There are two main kinds of pain that CBD is known to help with. 

  1. Arthritis: In 2016, a study was conducted in rats with arthritis. The rats received CBD topical gel for four days. The researchers concluded that significant inflammation and overall pain in the rats’ affected joints. Even with countless anecdotal testimonies of people using CBD to alleviate their pain, further research and studies are yet to be conducted on humans regarding arthritis pain. 

Arthritis Foundation recently conducted a survey and found out that out of 2,600 patients, 29% are using CBD to treat their symptoms. CBD helps reduce pain involved in arthritis by blocking the inflammatory processes and by its analgesic effects which interacts with the spinal cord and brain. 

  1. Chronic Pain: This is the term for long term pain. It usually ranges from 6 months to years. As we all know, the longer the pain is felt in the body, the more tolerance it builds against pain medication. Research has shown that CBD is excellent as a tool in pain management without manifesting adverse effects. Experts believe that the best way to use CBD is to take it both internally and topically to the affected area. 

Breaking The Painful Cycle   

Cannabidiol is an excellent choice for pain management. It has been used by people suffering from different kinds of pain specially for pain caused by inflammation. Various researches suggest that CBD use is dose-dependent, the higher the dose you take, the greater pain it alleviates. It would be best to take oil tincture, this could be under the tongue for faster relief or swallowed, along with CBD infused topical gel. There are also candies and gummies that you could pop in your mouth any time for pain relief. 

Suffering from chronic pain and arthritis could end. There is hope! CBD is here now and it is making waves in the health sector.

MamasHealth acknowledges that research on CBD and the effects of CBD on the endocannabinoid system are rapidly evolving and the range of possible findings remains wide. MamasHealth makes no claims that CBD products are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and recommends all individuals consult with their health care professionals prior to using CBD.