Your baby’s nursery is a sacred place. It will be your child’s first room and where they feel safest. And, mom and dad will probably be in there as much as their baby.

If you’re reaching the end of your pregnancy, you’re probably worried about getting your house in perfect shape for your new bundle. It’s easy to jump right to the nursery and not worry about anything else, but the reality is that mom and dad will spend as much time with the baby in other rooms.

1. Prioritize Safety Before Aesthetics

Creating the perfect nursery doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with home decor. Of course, you want to have a space that’s enjoyable to be in, but safety should be your priority first. Remember, a very special person is about to occupy the room.

2. Check the Materials in Your Home

Before you worry about home decor, check the materials you currently use in your home. There are potential hazards in your home that you haven’t had to worry about until now. Is your house older? The probability of finding lead-based paint in your home increases with age. Homes built between 1960 and 1977 have a 24% chance of containing lead-based paint, spiking to 69% for homes built between 1940 and 1959. Houses predating 1940 have a whopping 87% probability of containing lead-based paint.

You might have been living with lead-based paint in your home for years and not be overly concerned. While it isn’t the healthiest thing to live with, you’re hardly ingesting it. The same cannot be said for little ones, who have a habit of grabbing at whatever they can and jamming their fingers into their mouths. Therefore, you need to know what’s in your home.

3. Consider Home Insulation for Young Immune Systems

Infants have lower immune systems than us. That means that a gust of cold air might annoy adults, but it can have much more severe consequences for a little one. Your home’s insulation might have crossed your mind before but never seemed like a priority. That changes the moment you have a child.

Especially during those early months, you need complete control over your home’s temperature. Poor insulation will let the cold in and the heat out. Therefore, evaluate your HVAC system and home’s insulation before your due date. Also, babies are expensive, and with proper maintenance on your HVAC system and your home’s insulation, you can save up to 30% on your home’s energy bill.

4. Add Extra Smoke Alarms

Nobody should neglect their smoke alarms. In the event of a fire, they could save your life. They’re typically in kitchens, but you should have them throughout your home. While you might only have one right now, you’ll be hyper-aware of your surroundings when the baby comes.

Install a fire alarm in your nursery. Don’t worry that there might not be obvious sources of fire in there or that it seems overkill. At some point, your child will be alone, and they won’t be able to tell you if something’s wrong. Even constantly checking the baby monitor won’t guarantee you’ll notice if a fire has broken out until it’s too late. 93% of households in the U.S. have at least one smoke alarm, but adding a few more when you become a mom or a dad will give you extra peace of mind.

Your whole life changes when you become a mom or a dad. Suddenly, a tiny human is your world, and you won’t want to change it for anything. Make sure your entire home, including the baby’s nursery, is ready for your special arrival so that you can focus on being a new family when they get here.