Taking your boat out on the water can be a fun activity for families during the summertime. Before you take your boat out for a spin, you should follow certain safety tips to protect yourself and your family during your outing. These tips will help you prepare for the worst, and also ensure you’re well-prepared to head out on the water safely.

Conduct Proper Boat Maintenance Beforehand

Take your boat to the maintenance shop before you go out on the water. A boat mechanic can help address issues before they need more repairs or address issues that can lead to an accident. For instance, if your boat’s navigation equipment is not working, faulty navigation equipment could cause an accident while driving by causing you to run aground or hit another boat. Sadly, boat driving accidents can be fatal. There were 81 boating accidents in 2020 alone, with 36 of those leading to injuries and 21 leading to death. It’s best to reduce all chances of an accident occurring on the water by conducting proper maintenance on your boat before your outing.

Check Safety of Boat Rails

For small children, it’s best to have a secure taffrail surrounding the deck of the boat. The taffrail can help prevent children from going overboard and falling into the water. If a child goes overboard while you’re driving your boat, it can be difficult to find their exact location in the water. One of the best ways to prevent an overboard incident is by using taffrails.

However, some taffrails can become loose or damaged. Before taking your boat on the water, inspect your taffrail to ensure they are in proper working condition. Check for loose screws, rusted parts, and loose railing. If your taffrail is loose, it’s best to get the help of a professional to install new rails or fix your current ones.

Have Extra Life Vests On Board

All children and adults on board a boat should have life vests in case of an emergency. If you don’t have a life vest on board, consider trying to borrow one before your outing. Many boat rental places offer life jackets to families before they go out on the water. Life jackets can help your child stay afloat if they go overboard accidentally. While you or your child might know how to swim, you might not be able to swim if you are injured or begin to panic when you hit the water. A life jacket can help save your life and the life of your children, so it’s best to always have extra life jackets on hand.

Stockpile Food and Blankets

With around 20 million people owning a timeshare, chances are you might be enjoying a vacation during your boating trip. While the last thing on your mind when preparing for a vacation is stockpiling food and blankets, these are essentials to have with you on your boating trip. If you get stuck on the water, food and blankets will help keep you and your children stay warm while help arrives.

Reduce Driving Speeds

Did you know that around 10 million or more crashes go unreported each year? Many people might not report crashes due to driving over the speed limit. If you have children onboard, it’s never a good idea to drive past the speed limit, as this puts you at risk of a deadly accident. Instead, follow the posted speed limit signs on the water, and report any illegal boating activities on the water such as racing.

These tips above can help you and your family stay safe during your boating trip. Follow these tips to help you and your children in case of an unforeseen emergency, to help protect you against accidents, and so you can enjoy your vacation while putting your mind at ease.